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25th anniversary classic edition of "Silent Coup" due June 17th

Douglas Caddy

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The "Nixon Coup": What Nixon did not know?

The 25th Anniversary Edition of "Silent Coup" with a new update included is scheduled to be released on June 17th. The promotion for the book will feature the Woodward section of "SC", which I think is the key to understanding exactly how the "Nixon Coup" went down. With Jim Hougan's revelation in "Secret Agenda" in 1984 of Woodward's "Top Secret" job as a briefer in the Nixon White House that door opened a whole new version of the Watergate history. Everything Woodward has written in the Post on Watergate and in his two books "All the President's Men" and "Final Days' is subject to review now that his role has been confirmed by his former boss Admiral Thomas Moorer.

Over ten years ago I wrote this article for "Counterpunch" showing how Bob Woodward covered up the Military Spy Ring headed by his former boss Chief Staff Of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer. The key member of the ring inside the White House was Col. Alexander Haig. On this brief "secretly" taped recording Admiral Moorer confirms to Bob Gettlin that he sent Bob Woodward to the White House to brief Haig:


"Woodward Protecting The Right wing" Link: http://www.counterpunch.org/2005/11/29/woodwardgate-still-protecting-the-right-wing/

Len Colodny
The Colodny Collection at Texas A & M University
website: watergate.com

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