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Gerry Simone

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Born and raised and educated in Toronto. Aquarian. B.Comm & Finance degree from the University. Of Toronto. Later obtained professional accounting designation. Former public accountant, but career mostly in industry as Controller and Treasurer of Belmont Concrete Finishing, prominent concrete flatwork & low-rise contractor in Toronto. Interest in JFK assassination began in the late 70s but mostly in the 80s. My mentor was a Toronto researcher (the late Tony Centa) who was a friend of Penn Jones. He had a bootleg copy of the Z film, the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission originally owned by Allen Dulles, as well as a Mannlicher-Carcano similar to Oswald including 4x Japanese scope. Was visited by CIA agent after JFK movie. He used to do slideshow presentations including showing the Zapruder film on a film projector.  Tony Centa passed away November 5, 2020.  I've visited Dallas and New Orleans.  Have attended JFK Lancer Conferences in person and virtually (in recent years due to the pandemic).

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