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ENIS is the European Network of Innovative Schools. ENIS schools have been selected as some of the most innovative schools in their home countries when using information and communication technologies for teaching and learning. Each ministry has a ENIS Coordinator who is responsible for the national network of innovative schools. This person lays out the agreed European criteria and procedures in his/her own ministry, and identifies how they can be integrated into national policy.


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Guest Andrew Moore

Several countries are now starting ENIS networks, or trying to - for example, Greece, Hungary and Ireland.

The UK has invited schools to take part in the past, but never in any kind of structured way.

At the moment, thanks to a particular project, Becta has been able to give some help to an emerging group of schools in the UK. But this is still fragile, and there is no commitment yet from our national ministry to support the network.

At the same time, the network, if it is to be really innovative, needs to change. In the UK, for example, the member might not be simply a school, but, say, a local federation. (Our ministry still makes us compete in some ways, but has learned the value of working together). Or it might be a digital school.

To find out more about the UK ENIS network, and find links to other national networks, then go to


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