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Harry J.Dean

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From the 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS

If or when President elect Trump appoints Mitt Romney U.S. Secretary of State the 'New Americanist scheme'

as described below will have won it's riligio/politic struggle....


The question.........future liberty

Arise! alert to sacrifice


Boycott the 'beastly mark' Mormon mastery

To track all persons thoughts and deeds


Boycott this 'all powerful' Masonry

With it's assassin grip 'on all U.S. politics'


Boycott their 'common cause' new century

Buy not........sell not........use not


Boycott it's 'dialectic indignities' 

Destroy the 'brute comrades' zeal


Boycott their 'new order' equality

For 'U.N. world' work-ethic, slavery


Boycott the chaos-creator's 'pale tyranny'

Who's lackeys in 'lethal power' secret  rule


Boycott 'their plan' of few to subvert majorities

With 'legislated limits' on all rights of liberty!

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