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Mathias Baumann

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I've been reading your forum for many years and have always found it to
be a great resource for the latest research on the Kennedy

As an English teacher and translator I've always been interested in
American History. Since watching Oliver Stone's movie the Kennedy case
has become a special interest of mine and I've read numerous websites
and books on the subject.

For a few years I was a regular contributor to Robert Harris' JFK
History forum until unfortunately it was taken off the internet. After
that I created my own personal German-language website
I've also contributed to the German-language Wikipedia article on the
case trying to remove some of the anti-conspiracy bias in it. Although I
met fierce resistance at first I finally succeeded in adding some
important information concerning the dictabelt evidence and the Silvia
Odio incident for instance.

I'd be very glad if you accept me as a member as I've numerous questions
to ask and maybe even some tiny tidbit of information to add myself.

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