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Final Disclosure of Withheld Assassination Records in October 2017

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I think your question can be answered quickly by an expert in FOIA. Here is a recent Muckrock posting in the forum that highlights a legal victory by Michael Best, who is the best FOIA man I know of.

Click on the Request button on the top of the posting and go to the Q&A and then scroll go down to the bottom where it reads "Ask A Question." I would suggest when you ask your question as to a possible legal remedy for what has been done to you that you make your question as specific as possible to elicit a detailed answer. You might mention that you are a member of the Education Forum as Michael Best has high regards for the work done here.




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On 5/30/2017 at 1:12 PM, Harry J.Dean said:

Hello Douglas

According to the above information somewhere/someone has broken the law

by releasing several records re; Harry Dean (a living person) against the

rules outlined. Can action be taken in such a case?


Thanks much. H J Dean

Actually, Harry's FBI and CIA files were released (without redaction) on May 6, 1981 to Mark A. Allen in response to his larger FOIA request for documents obtained by the House Select Committee on Assassinations.  Allen sued the FBI in order to compel them to release those FBI documents which were sent to HSCA.  The "public interest" exemption concerning JFK-related files explains why Harry's files were released without normal privacy protections on living persons.  

There are 3 files which the FBI created about Harry.  They are:

Chicago 100-38257 (destroyed in May 1990)

HQ 62-109068 (now at NARA)

Los Angeles 105-12933 (now at NARA) 

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