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As you know, Bob Vernon has been making attacks on myself and this forum for several months on the JFK Research Forum. Understandably I have been challenging the statements being made by Vernon. However, I was warned by the administrators that I should not do this. I continued to do so and today my membership was cancelled. This means that I am not able to reply or see the comments he is making.

I know that several members of the JFK Assassination Forum are also members of this forum. Please keep me informed of what attacks he might make on me. I suspect they will get worse now that he knows I can’t reply.

In his last posting he said the following:

Sadly, Simkin, your forum features posts by people who, long ago, were sent packing by Rich and these valid researchers here. The kids that visit Simkin, like the poor misguided kid from Rhode Island, believe a lot of what they read there. These kids are very impressionable and their minds and the growth of their minds deserve the truth. The truth from their parents and friends and the truth from where they go to seek education.

And that is why, tomorrow morning, I will be contacting the good folks in the United Kingdom that regulate and are the watchdogs for the educational system in that country. I will be sending them information regarding the problems with the Simkin forum that I see and have experienced and several other researchers have contacted me privately to ask me if I would consider doing this to try to help the children that are lured there. I certainly will. Be glad to do so.

If any of the members of this esteemed forum have any suggestions as to how I should word my communications to the officials in the UK or have any further evidence of falsehoods being presented on the JFK part of Simkin's forum, please do not hesitate to contact me via private email and I will gladly forward your information along with mine and I won't even use your names to do so unless you want me to.

This is of course just another attempt at trying to stop me from allowing people like Wim Dankbaar, Tosh Plumlee, Judyth Baker and Daniel Marvin from posting on the forum. Although I may not agree with what these people say, I am determined to give them the freedom to say it.

It is ironic that members of the JFK research community should use such methods. After all, one of the reasons we have been unable to discover the truth of these events is that the perpetrators were able to use threats like these to intimidate people into silence. I would therefore like someone to post the following message on the JFK Research Forum.

I am an ex-teacher and so the Department for Education and Employment does not have a great deal of power over me. At the age of 65 I am due a pension from them so I suppose you could try to get that stopped. I don’t think you will have much success in this. In the UK we believe in freedom of speech and therefore it is highly unlikely they will respond to your request. However, please try it, it might educate you in the ways that European government's behave. They are far from perfect but I doubt very much if they would sink to those methods.

Here are the details you will require:

Department for Education and Employment

Sanctury Buildings

Great Smith Street





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Bob Vernon is celebrating his success at manipulating the administrators at JFK Research. This is a message he posted on the alt.conspiracy.jfk newsgroup.

So that lurkers will know... John Simkin of the "educational forum" for children was booted off of the JFKResearch forum, a highly credible forum, and he now has his cronies, Wim Dankbaar, a known fabricator of the truth (www.bobvernon.com/lie.htm), Judyth Baker (The infamous PONTCHARTAIN POONTANG), Ozzies' self professed "chickie on the side", Tosh Plumlee (the man who has changed his story a MINIMUM of 4 times in 24 years), Nancy Eldreth (the lady who said that Arlen Spector paid to have her daughter raped) and others have now launched an attack against me.

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