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Ray Locker's new book, "Haig's Coup"

Douglas Caddy

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Len Colodny posted this on his Facebook page on 1/19/2008


Explosive New Evidence Makes "Haig's Coup" Special.Due out in the Fall,

New Evidence In "Haig's Coup" Changes Everything We Knew, Or Thought We Knew About Nixon's Removal (Or Watergate)

Haig facing possible charges of Treason and Obstruction of Justice for his role in the Moorer-Radford Affair (Military Spy Operation) uses his job as Nixon's Chief of Staff, to work with Sec of Def Melvin Laird, Pentagon General Counsel Fred Buzhardt,and Bob Woodward among others to force Nix...on to resign.

Reacting to Nixon's formation of a "Secret Government", and foreign policy Haig disagreed with, Haig was the key spy inside the White House, in what was called at the time, the "Moorer-Radford" Affair.

Uncovered in December 1971, Nixon identified all the players including the Chairman of the Joint Chief's Admiral Thomas Moorer, before he ordered it "covered up" with the exception of General Alexander Haig.

In May of 1973 with Nixon deep in the Watergate Scandal he was forced to fire his Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman, his Domestic Counsel John Ehrlichman and his legal Counsel John W Dean.

On the recommendation of Haldeman, Nixon would appoint General Haig as his Chief of Staff, maybe the biggest mistake Nixon ever made, and there had been many.

Strong evidence in "Haig's Coup" will link all the players and tell a story that took decades to be able to tell, how a single source (Haig) with one "reporter," and a major newspaper could bring a President down.

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