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The head of department of the Virtual School History Department is Dalibor Svoboda (Sweden). Other members of the department include Juan Carlos Ocaña (Spain), Richard Jones-Nerzic (France), Nico Zijlstra (Netherlands), Marco Koene (Netherlands), Anders Macgregor-Thunell (Sweden), Kjell Dennersten (Sweden) and John Simkin (England).

Current projects include Medieval Pilgrimage, Second World War Oral History, Aviation and the Spanish Civil War.

More information about the department’s activities can be found at:


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Virtual school/History department situated at: http://vs.eun.org/eun.org2/eun/en/vs-histo....cfm?id_area=21 would like to present two new projects.

One of them “Aviation” is a co-project developed together with newly created Design department. This project is situated at: http://vs.eun.org/eun.org2/eun/en/vs-histo...ang=en&ov=33080

The second project “Olympic Games” is a cross-curriculum project made together by almost every department of Virtual School. “Olympic games” is situated at: http://vs.eun.org/eun.org2/eun/en/vs-histo...ang=en&ov=33160

Both projects shall be larger and better if many people with interest in aviation and sports participate with their own contributions.

Edited by Dalibor Svoboda
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