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For those who might be interested:

My following paper FBI files have now been converted into PDF files by the Center for Right Wing Studies at University of California—Berkeley through a generous donation of Southern Poverty Law Center. 

These files have been uploaded onto my Internet Archive webpage (link below)


NOTE:  The searchable version of each file is often the one captioned “PDF with text”.   If there is no such listing, then the plain “PDF” option might be searchable.

Americans for the Preservation of the White Race (Jackson 157-347)

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (Boston 61-189)

APP, Austin J. (HQ 100-210108)

BARNETT, Ross R. (Jackson 157-1019)

California Senate Factfinding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities (HQ 62-2017)

Christian Educational Association (HQ 105-9621)

Christian Educational Association/Conde J. McGinley Sr. (New York City 105-6188)

Christian Educational Association/Conde J. McGinley Sr. (Newark 105-1910)

Christian Educational Association/Conde J. McGinley Sr. (Philadelphia 105-1646)

Christian Educational Association/Conde J. McGinley Sr. (San Francisco 105-1997)

Columbian Workers Movement aka The Columbians (Atlanta 105-74)

Conservative Society of America/Kent and Phoebe Courtney (HQ 62-107722)

DIES JR., Martin (HQ 62-101944)

DONNER, Robert Newsom (Denver 62-557)

GOFF, Kenneth (HQ 62-80382)

HOLLIS, Louis W. (Jackson 157-3265)

JOSEPHSON, Emmanuel Mann (HQ 100-302583)

LEWIS JR., Fulton (HQ 62-105261)

MCGINLEY Sr., Conde Joseph/Christian Educational Association (Newark 100-12252)

National Citizens Protective Association (HQ 105-16510)

National Citizens Protective Association (Salt Lake City 105-231)

National Law Enforcement Committee/Millard Dee Grubbs (HQ 105-69012)

National Patrick Henry Organization/Jessie Welch Jenkins (HQ 105-10101)

Nationalist Conservative Party/William B. Wernecke (Chicago 105-2790)

Nationalist White Party/Ben Klassen (Miami 157-4180)

RICAU, Jackson G./South Louisiana Citizens Council (HQ 105-115345)

Washington State Joint Legislative Factfinding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities (Seattle 100-18606)

WILLIAMS, Robert Henry (Major)/Williams Intelligence Summary (HQ 105-10091)

WILLIAMS, Robert Henry (Major)/Williams Intelligence Summary (HQ 105-10091, serials #55-#92)

WILLIAMS, Robert Henry (Major)/Williams Intelligence Summary (Los Angeles 105-666)

Young Americans For Freedom (San Francisco 100-47991)


The following files are scheduled to be uploaded into my Internet Archive webpage during June or July 2018

Alford, Thomas Dale (Little Rock 80-380)

American Nationalist, The (newsletter)/Frank L. Britton (San Diego 100-9218)

American Nazi Party (HQ 105-70374 misc. serials)

Americans for the Preservation of the White Race (New Orleans 157-36)

Bombings With Racial or Religious Bias (San Francisco 100-44426)

Brown, Julia (HQ 100-382107, Los Angeles—misc serials)

Byers, Louis T. (Baltimore 157-4865 and WFO 157-3239)

Christian Anti-Jewish Party (San Francisco 100-44438)

Christian Defense League (HQ 62-105253)

Christian Educational Association/Conde J. McGinley Sr. (HQ 105-9621, misc serials)

Christian Nationalist Party/Gerald L.K. Smith (Boston 100-23897)

Christian Youth for America/Kenneth Goff (HQ 105-7231)

Citizens Councils and States’ Rights Movement (HQ 105-34237)

Citizens Councils of West Alabama (Birmingham 105-299)

COINTELPRO: White Hate Groups (Jacksonville 157-863)

Congress of Freedom (HQ 105-18057)

Constitution Party (Indianapolis 105-3292 and New York City 105-10119)

Crommelin, John G. (HQ 62-91575 and HQ 100-441764)

Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberties (Norfolk 105-236)

Freedman, Benjamin Harrison (NYC 105-13716, HQ 62-102412)

Gale, William Potter (San Diego 100-13121)

Identity Group/Posse Comitatus (Cleveland 157-6060)

Klan-Type Organizations and Hate Groups (HQ 157-7)

Ku Klux Klan (Philadelphia 61-142)

Let Freedom Ring (New York City 100-153164)

Liberty and Property/Willis Carto/”Right” newsletter (San Francisco 105-3824, San Francisco 105-4222 HQ 105-47766)

Maryland Petition Committee (WFO 100-32942)

National Alliance (HQ 157-12589 and HQ 100-487473 and WFO 157-6371)

National Association for the Advancement of White People (HQ 105-18867)

National Renaissance Party/James H. Madole (New York City 105-6112)

National Socialist Movement (HQ 157-34518)

National States Rights Party (Jackson 105-12, San Francisco 100-44218)

National Youth Alliance (NYC 157-3447, WFO 157-2278, Detroit 157-4114, and Dallas 157-2059)

New Christian Crusade Church/James K. Warner (Los Angeles 157-6864)

Oliver, Revilo P. (Springfield 157-4307, Office of Personnel Mgmt, HQ 65-45027 and Dallas x-refs)

Philbrick, Herbert Arthur (HQ 100-365248)

Pierce, William Luther (Los Angeles 100-73026, WFO 157-2396)

Schuyler, George (New York City 100-24048)

Sensing, Thurman (HQ x-refs)

Shelton, Robert Marvin (HQ 157-552)

Silent Guardians Inc. (HQ 62-106826 and Los Angeles 65-5323)

Soldiers of the Cross/Kenneth Goff (Denver 105-123)

Stoner, J.B. (HQ 56-4720 and HQ 157-97 and HQ 56-4720)

Swift, Wesley Albert (HQ 157-355454, San Diego 105-134)

Synon, John J. (HQ 62-109151)

Truth About Civil Turmoil/John Birch Society front group (11 field offices x-refs)

Volunteers for Alabama and Wallace (HQ 157-822)

We, The People!/Harry Everingham (Chicago 105-2857, HQ 105-50496)

White Citizens Council of Dallas (Dallas 105-484)

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