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First Past the Post - Launch Edition

Jim Riley

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I am delighted to announce that the launch edition of FPTP is now available to subscribers. Details of the first series of articles are provided further below.

Don't forget that we now offer a Personal/Student edition of FPTP, which can be ordered here:


Subscriptions may be paid for using PaYPal as well as Credit/Debit cards.

You can view a sample article from the launch edition (on voting behaviour) here:

Sample article on US voting behaviour



The Electoral College

This article analyses the background to the Electoral College (“EC”) and considers the various proposals for reform of the EC

Turnout in American Presidential Elections

After a period of steady decline in the voter turnout in presidential elections, the close fight in 2004 saw turnout rise sharply. Millions of new voters registered to vote -and two million party workers mobilised them on the big day.

Revival of Party Conventions and Presidential Debates

Party conventions and presidential debates provided a feast of content for the American political media in the 2004 campaign. As always, the feast was closely controlled by the party machines.

Bush and Congress

Republican control of Congress is no guarantee that the president will have an easy ride, despite much greater party cohesion in recent years. George Bush will be hoping for greater success in his second term compared with the first.

State Direct Democracy

Initiatives and Recall Elections are giving voters a wide variety of opportunities to express their views at the ballot box. From baiting bears with pizza to gay marriage, the outcome of Initiatives is often unpredictable.

Interest Groups in US Elections

The 2004 Presidential Election was once again influenced by a diverse range of big-spending, vociferous political interest groups. Wealthy individuals, businesses and other organisations all got involved to make their point.

The US Cabinet

Cabinet by name; but not cabinet by nature. American Presidents have all taken a slightly different approach to the operation of the US Cabinet - but few have really taken it seriously.

Election Spending in 2004

One of the most closely-fought presidential elections was conducted against the background of record-breaking campaign fundraising, with John Kerry proving particularly successful at parting his supporters with their cash.

Voting Behaviour

A complex series of factors influence the way that US voters behave at the ballot box. The 2004 elections followed some familiar patterns of voter behaviour - but generated up some surprises too.

Supreme Court in Bush’s First Term

When the Supreme Court effectively decided the result of the 2000 presidential election, many expected the Court to take a decisive shift in a politically conservative direction. This article assesses what actually happened.

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