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The Publishing of Online Seminars

John Simkin

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So far we have produced 27 JFK online seminars. Most contributors referenced their work in the same way as if they were producing an academic paper. The role of the participants has been to both point out flaws in the argument of the seminar leader or to add extra information to support the case that is being made. In doing so, I think we have produced a body of important work.


Over the next few months I would like to arrange for more of these seminars to be produced. When each one of these has come under the scrutiny of the whole group, I will ask the authors of the best of these seminars to submit a final paper based on what information they have received during the discussion period. I believe that this is a good example of developing collective/community intelligence via the web.

These seminars will be produced in a form of a book. All the authors will be able to purchase copies at cost price. These can be sold at a profit via their website or at conferences, etc.

Please let me know via the forum or by email if you are interested in producing a new seminar.

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