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Letter to Inspector General of Social Security Administration about theft of my social security payment and Trump talking about Aliens and Roswell

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June 29, 2020


Hon. Gail S. Ennis

Inspector General

Social Security Administration

6401 Security Boulevard

Suite 300

Baltimore, MD 21235


                         Re: Request for investigation into the Trump Administration’s      

                         fraudulent tampering of my social security account so that

                         my June 2020 payment was stolen and sent elsewhere as punishment

                         for my revealing wrongdoing by President Trump


Dear Inspector General Ennis:


     I am 82 years old and have received social security monthly payments for almost two decades. All of these have been delivered without fail on the last Wednesday of every month to my BBVA bank account. However, the payment scheduled for delivery on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, never arrived at my bank.


     After my bank informed me on June 24 that there was no evidence of its delivery, I contacted the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. I was immediately connected to a SSA employee who undertook to determine what had gone awry with my payment.  He was a highly skilled professional investigator and conferred intermittently with me over 40 minutes as he performed an extremely thorough examination into the matter, including contacting the Department of the Treasury. He concluded that I had been a victim of fraud and that on Friday, June 19, 2020, five days before the scheduled delivery to my bank, someone had tampered with my social security account so that my payment was stolen and sent elsewhere on June 24. The investigator did not tell me precisely how the fraud was performed or where it went. He did say that he was placing an immediate lock on my account so that this could not happen again and that I should receive my missing monthly payment soon, hopefully in time to pay my July apartment rent by July 3rd to avoid a late charge.


     I have strong reason to believe that someone connected to President Trump’s Administration, possibly inside the Social Security Administration, tampered with my account and fraudulently


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stole and misdirected the payment.  I believe this was done to punish me for exposing wrongdoing by the Trump Administration on two matters.


     The first matter is that I provided first hand information to FBI Director James Comey on December 10, 2016, about Roger Stone, whom I had known for 40 years, working with Russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential election in behalf of Trump. After Mr. Comey was removed as FBI Director by President Trump, I provided the same information with additional facts about Roger Stone to Special Counsel Robert Mueller on June 27, 2017. My letter to Special Counsel Mueller is attached. Mr. Stone subsequently was convicted on seven criminal counts, including perjury, and is scheduled to begin his prison sentence on July 13, 2020. However, President Trump has publicly hinted he will pardon him. I have been physically harassed by unknown parties intermittently since 2017 for providing this information about Stone.


     The second reason is that on June 19, 2020 -- the day my SSA payment was fraudulently altered – I placed the following information from a podcast by Donald Trump, Jr. on the Education Forum under a topic that I started in the Forum on July 28, 2019, titled, Watergate, Trump’s Space Force and 2020. The topic discloses President Nixon’s interactions with the Alien Presence that he discussed with Confidential Government Informant Robert Merritt in July 1972 and with Nixon’s Message to the American People about the Alien Presence that he hid at that time in the White House Library in s small box embedded in the wall behind volume II of American History. The Message was discovered in April 2018 by a CIA team using a thermal imaging machine and is in the hands of President Trump. Nixon asked Merritt to deliver a letter about the Alien Presence personally to Henry Kissinger. A few pages of this Education Forum topic are attached to this letter and you are encouraged to read it in full to assess its importance to our national security. Its link is below.

     Here is what I posted on the Education Forum on June 19, 2020, from the podcast interview of President Trump by his son, Donald, Jr.:

President Trump yesterday, June 18, 2020, when interviewed by his son, Donald, Jr. said the following:

The final question from Don Jr. was.

DJT jr: are there aliens? Will you declassify aliens and Roswell ?

POTUS: millions want to know. It’s very interesting. I’ll have to think about it. 

  I believe that President Trump before the election in November may disclose Nixon's 1972 Message to the American People and Nixon's 1972 letter to Henry Kissinger as his ace in the hole to win the election. He may have another strategy that if he loses the election only then will he disclose the Message and the letter to Kissinger before the inauguration of the new elected president in January 2021.  After doing this he will impose a dictatorship on the nation claiming that only he can deal with the Alien Presence.

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The Alien Presence is aware of all of this as was Nixon in 1972 who told Robert Merritt that "I took my order from above and followed it to a T."

The Alien Presence will view Donald Trump not only a threat to the peoples of Planet Earth and to the Universe but also a threat to the Alien Presence's offer to the peoples of Earth of "A New World if you will take it" (in the words of Colonel Philip Corso.)

Who will prevail if such a situation arises: Donald Trump or the Alien Presence?

     The foregoing excerpt is from page 8 of the Education Forum’s topic titled Watergate, Trump’s Space Force and 2020. Here is the link to that topic:


     I maintain that President Trump plans to release publicly the Letter to the American People about the Alien Presence that President Nixon in 1972 hid in the White House Library that was discussed in my attached letter of February 9, 2018, to Chief Archivist of the United States David Ferriero. Trump will use the disclosure of the Alien Presence as his ace in the hole to win the November election and to impose martial law to perpetuate his regime. His recent firings of the officials in charge of the Voice of America and the Voice’s subsidiary international radio programs, such as the Voice of Liberty, are a prelude of his using the announcement of the Alien Presence to influence public opinion worldwide thru manipulated propaganda. He has installed his own trusted toadies to run the Voice of America and its subsidiary radio programs and to carry out his propaganda scheme.

     In conclusion, I believe the fraudulent theft of my June 24, 2020, social security payment was done intentionally to punish me for the above matters and request that you investigate the circumstances surrounding this. A citizen is entitled to know that his social security account into which he paid retirement monies is sacrosanct and not subject to tampering and being stolen by the corrupt Trump Administration. I should point out that President Trump denied Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe his government pension one day before it was to vest by firing him. So I am not the first victim of a vindictive president who takes sadistic pleasure in destroying the retirement funds of persons he wishes to hurt.

Sincerely yours,


Michael Douglas Caddy      Handwritten Social Security Number:

Member of the District of Columbia Bar since 1970 and Texas Bar since 1979.

Attachments: Letter of February 9, 2018, to U.S. Chief Archivist David Ferriero; Letter of June 27, 2017, to Special Counsel Robert Mueller; and  Education Forum pages for further research.


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I spoke to an employee of the SSA on Tuesday.  She was extremely competent and professional in discussing my missing payment. She told me that just that morning the SSA had retrieved the funds that had been sent to the fraudulent bank account and that I would soon receive my missing payment. Sure enough I now have it. Meanwhile I have sent a letter to the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Social Security of the House Ways and Means Committee asking that the committee ascertain who committed the fraud and how it was done. I attached to that letter my prior letter to the SSA Inspector General. I am sure that all members of the forum ( perhaps save one) were surprised that something like this could happen. The American people are learning that Trump and his minions will do anything and everything to further their evil agenda.


Edited by Douglas Caddy
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