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The strange case of Sweden's Radio Nord and Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk

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I have a vested interested in this subject and you can find it at http://yesternoir.org which might make you think at first glance that it is about the 'Swinging Sixties' and a pop pirate radio station called Caroline. But it is not. It is a very deep and long-running investigation of which I will share part of it here to solicit comments, suggestions and informational additions to our research.

It is all about two overlapping timetables.

One of them concerns Lee Harvey Oswald.

The other one concerns the radio ship 'Bon Jour' which was anchored in the Baltic Sea just outside Sweden's territorial waters and close to Stockholm.

Radio Nord on board the ship 'Bon Jour' beamed programming devised by Gordon McLendon from a station operation managed by his buddy Robert F. Thompson of Tecom, Inc., and financed by Clint Murchison Jr., all from Dallas. It was eventually closed down by McLendon's network manager and he was told that the station was actually a CIA listening post using the cover of being a pop music station.

Now for the Oswald timetable:

Sept. 20, 1959 New Orleans Sails for Europe
Oct. 10, 1959 London Takes Plane to Helsinki
Oct. 16, 1959 Arrives in Moscow
Oct. 21, 1959 Hotel Berlin Apparent suicide attempt
Oct. 31, 1959 U. S. Embassy Attempts to renounce U.S. citizenship
Jan. 7, 1960 Arrives in Minsk
Jan. 1960 — May 1962 Minsk Oswald very closely surveiled by KGB
Feb. 1961 Minsk Writes U.S. Embassy / Wants to return to U.S.
March 17, 1961 Minsk Meets Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova
April 30, 1961 Minsk Lee and Marina Married
May, 1962 Oswalds leave Minsk, travel to Fort Worth

Now for the Radio Nord timetable:

It commenced broadcasting on March 8, 1961 and it was closed down on June 30, 1962

I personally met the man responsible for closing down Radio Nord when I was at McAllen in 1979, and I am also in possession of his original manuscript and his final published manuscript. Unfortunately he died from illness a few years ago, and he trusted someone else to amend and publish his his final manuscript.

But the thing is, he claimed that people in Dallas were involved with Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of JFK. He also claimed that the CIA were the secret movers and shakers behind Radio Nord.

Find the coast off Stockholm on a map and draw a line over the Baltic Sea and into Minsk which at the time was part of the USSR, and it is where LHO was working in an electronics factory.

For now, skip the questions about how and why LHO ended up in Minsk, just dwell on the fact that he was there, and so were the transmissions from Radio Nord on his radio set.

But according to the CIA story, there was a listening post on board the 'Bon Jour'.

Now if you are wondering how I connect all of these dots to the Blog I mentioned at the outset, it is because the 'Bon Jour' became 'Magda Maria' and then 'Mi Amigo', and Radio Nord became Radio Atlanta and finally Radio Caroline South broadcasting to southern England. The 'Mi Amigo' sank in a storm in the North Sea during 1980.

Back to the question at hand:

Are the LHO and Radio Nord timelines related by common interest?


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