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John Stockwell on Oliver Stone and the making of the movie, JFK

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Larry Schnapf posted this not-to-be-missed clip on Facebook today: 
this clip he [John Stockwell] discusses his role in Oliver Stone's movie, JFK, and their eventual parting of ways over differences in belief about the mechanics of the assassination plot. Though both agree that Kennedy was killed by a group of conspirators, Stockwell argues that it was "renegades" where as Stone, using the Garrison investigation and Fletcher L. Prouty as starting points, argues that the conspiracy goes to the highest levels of the US government. Stockwell faults Stone and Garrison for completely leaving out the mafia connection to the assassination plot, despite that there is much evidence for in the Miami nexus of Cuban-exiles, former Havana-based mafia soldiers, and the Central Intelligence Agency.
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Stockwell in his talk focused on how the CIA years ago targeted six countries for destabilization in order to put its favorites in command of the government.

What he described fits to a T of what America under Trump has gone thru. The only difference being that it was a former KGB Colonel named Putin and not the CIA that targeted America for destabilization.


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