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Luis Kutner

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Steven Hager posted this on Facebook today:
Lawyers make the best spooks it seems. Take Luis Kutner, for example. Poet, painter, novelist and FBI-CIA informant are some of the hats he wore. His work for the FBI seems to have begun in 1944, when he was representing Black Muslims refusing to register for the draft. Of course, the Black Muslim movement has its own backstory, inspired by a con man from New Zealand named Wallie D Ford, a member of Moorish Science Temple in Newark, a Black supremacist lodge with distinctive masonic overtones. You can imagine how much interest such a movement would excite at the highest levels of national security. Yet, it appears Kutner was really working with the government against his own clients. I am greatly reminded of the rise of another do-gooder lawyer, Michael J. Kennedy, who emerged representing Army draft resistors in the late 1960s, and who would go on to become a leading force inside the domestic terrorist organization, The Weather Underground, which strangely has been completely white-washed by the media despite being involved in hundreds of bombings and the death of several policemen while they were actively conspiring with Communist countries to provoke a seditious revolt in America. In the early 1950s, when the Kefauver commission was investigating organized crime, Kutner took $60k from gangsters to keep the commission away from Dallas, where Kutner's childhood buddy Jack "Sparky" Ruby(stein), was running guns and drugs and supervising protection payoffs to the Dallas police. Kutner was known inside the FBI as informant CG 5973-C. One of his main duties was providing intelligence on Sidney Korshak, another mob lawyer. Kutner was involved with the initial attempts to send a hit squad to Cuba to kill Castro. poopoo collaborators in the Ukraine had formed the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN) under direction of poopoo spy chief (and Knight of Malta) Reinhard Gehlen, who made a secret surrender to Allen Dulles at the end of the war that allowed his entire network to remain untouched as they were easily incorporated into the newly created CIA. In the early sixties Kutner became a prominent speaker at ABN events. At the time, Kutner was the publisher of a leftwing paper aimed at the Midwest Southern Slav population. Strangely, it was published at the same location as the rabidly rightwing "Serbian Struggle." Before founding the paper, Kutner had written the CIA requesting funds to start the operation. In return, he offered to allow the CIA to pick the paper's managing editor. Aside from lawyers, journalists make the best spooks. Soon, Kutner would be set-up to debate leftwing William Kunstler at the Information Council on the Americans (INCA), an organization identified by Jim Garrison as being involved in the JFK murder apparatus. Kutner would remain linked to INCA's national producer for decades. In 1969, Kutner took an interest in the Black Panther Party and attended a speech given by Fred Hampton, who had emerged as the most effective spokesperson for that group. He provided names of the people attending to the FBI and claimed Hampton (who was non-violent) had said, "Nixon must die." He suggested taking legal action against Hampton to "stop his ranting and raving." Four days later, Hampton was assassinated by Chicago police after being slipped a near-lethal dose of secobarbital by one of his bodyguards who turned out to be working for the FBI. Predictably, the murder scene was left wide-open by the departing police assassins and quickly occupied by Bernadine Dorhn of the Weather Underground, who led the press on tours and used the crime to elevate herself onto the national stage.
Luis Kutner: The Declassified Life of a Human Rights Icon
Luis Kutner: The Declassified Life of a Human Rights Icon
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