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Oswald and WDSU-TV in New Orleans

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Lee Shepherd wrote on Facebook two days ago:

Edgar Bloom Stern Sr. was an American leader in civic, racial, business and governmental affairs for the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The Newman building was owned by Isidore Newman who was a close friend of Edgar & Edith Stern. (Newman gifted them the grand piano in their drawing room for their wedding in 1914). The Sterns, like Eustice Riley, who owned the Riley Coffee Co. were early donors for INCA (Information Council of the Americas). According to MC Piper—who met with the banker who set up the financing for Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) the Sterns were silent Jewish investors in the plant which was illegally diverting nuclear technology & materials to Israel. The Sterns owned & controlled WDSU TV which portrayed Oswald as communist sympathizer. They were the financial force behind the ADL in New Orleans. According to Mae Brussels, the Riley Coffee was financed by the LDS (Later Day Saints) out of Utah. The LDS, was active in assisting Israel in their nuclear ambitions for “theological” reasons. They also funded the Free Cuba Committee.
My spouse played on their grand piano for the curators and staff.
Philip Stern was particularly interesting. He began his career in the office of Henry “Scoop” Jackson who had his own “deep state” connections. It was a topic Stern, apparently, didn’t want to discuss. Jackson had his supporters for a spot on Kennedy’s ticket for VP.
Philip Stern knew Angleton (traveled in the same social circle). He worked in the Kennedy Administration and quit in the spring of 63 to understate an interesting endeavor with one of the Warburgs.
The Stern/Rosewald family were close to Admiral Lewis Strauss (ONI) who co-owned the Hawkeye Lab.
This family is one of my favorite topics.
An interesting article about Senator Jackson.
“In 2005, twenty-two years after his death, US government officials, including three members of the CIA, seized and removed several of Senator Jackson's archived documents housed at the University of Washington.”
CIA seizes Sen. Jackson papers | HeraldNet.com
CIA seizes Sen. Jackson papers | HeraldNet.com
CIA seizes Sen. Jackson papers | HeraldNet.com





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