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The Collections of Primary Sources on German History:

1. Kaiserreich 1871-1918. Collected primary German documents in English translation, including Rosa Luxemborg’s “The War and The Workers” pamphlet of 1916, Bismarck’s speech on Poland January 28, 1886; Kaiser Wilhelm’s speech on China July 2, 1900 and many others. Very well documented sources are given for the primary contents.


2. Sources, edited by Dr. Richard Weikart, History Dept., California State University at Stanislaus. A collection of primary documents, artwork, images, maps, etc. Primary sources from Frederick the Great, Kant, Arndt, 19th Century maps, a collection of Metternich’s writings and much more.


3. History of Austria: The Austro-Hungarian Empire – Primary Documents. A comprehensive Austrian history hub, the site carries primary sources from the establishment of the Duchy of Austria in 1156 through the Treaty of Westphalia to recent amendments to the Austrian Constitution.


4. The Hanover Historical Texts Project has the goal of providing primary sources to students of European history. The Erfurt program of 1891, Bismarck’s Memoirs excerpted, the Gotha program of 1891, etc.


5. The Yale site, “A select Bibliography for the study of German History 1500-present” this includes government periodicals, periodicals, primary sources, bibliography of primary sources, selected official German government documents, etc. Exhaustive.


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