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Lee Shepherd on Col. Howard Burris' visit to Texas just before JFK was assassinated

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Lee shepherd posted this on Facebook on 7/2//2021:
In July 1961, at a National Security Council meeting attended by Gen. Lemnitzer, Dulles and Colonel Howard L. Burris, retired Gen. Thomas F. Hickey, Staff Director for the National Security Council's Net Evaluation Subcommittee Staff, “presented a plan for nuclear surprise attack on the Soviet Union.”
Acting as the vice president’s military advisor, Col.Burris accompanied Johnson to Vietnam during the same year, where the two convinced Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem to petition President Kennedy for the training of sixteen thousand U.S. troops, a request that the president denied. As Dr. John Newman points out, in all likelihood, it was Burris himself who was responsible for serving as a CIA back-channel to LBJ, which makes it probable that Burris was also Johnson’s liaison to Allen Dulles. Burris' commander was none other than Gen. David A. Burchinal, protégé to Gen. Curtis LeMay.
A letter written to George de Mohrenschildt from Lyndon Johnson’s office reveals that it was the vice president’s administrative assistant, Walter Jenkins who first introduced the “Baron” to Burris. Roger Stone notes: “Following his mysterious death, the unlisted phone humber of Colonel Burris was found in Mohrenschildt’s address book alongside that of Judge Sarah Hughes" who just happened to be available on 11/22 for the oath of office ceremony onboard AF-1 while JFK’s coffin sat quietly nearby.
It is a curious fact that just before the assassination, LBJ’s military attache’, fellow Texan and friend of over thirty years, Col. Howard Lay Burris, flew to Texas on some unconfirmed mission that he chose to lie about later. Thanks to professor Newman, we now know what that mission entailed: Burris was there to brief and oversee the transition of Kennedy’s successor into the White House. https://jfkjmn.com/new-page-42/#
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