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Hi, all! I'm James Wilkinson, and I'm a Seattle-based union organizer by day and screenwriter by night -- the former for over 20 years and the latter for the last 7, with one paid option sale under my belt. Before beginning my career in activism, I majored in journalism at Northwestern in the '90s, having been turned onto investigative reporting after being gobsmacked by the JFK movie's theatrical run as a high school freshman.

I'm endeavoring to write and develop dramatic projects that aspire to be innovative, fresh approaches to the subject of the JFK assassination -- through a rigorous synthesis of early statements and primary source documents. In the course of this ongoing research, my writing has benefited greatly by exposure to the expertise on this forum, as well as from the private guidance of one particular well-known, seasoned researcher. I think I may have also had the occasion to stumble onto at least one unique, clarifying discovery myself, so far... We'll see!

You could say I've caught the bug, although I'd been intermittently following various developments in the case over the past 30 years and read more books on the topic than I can remember. Much love and appreciation to all of you who are committed to learning as much as we can know -- as well as to admitting when we're uncertain, let alone when a charlatan's convenient claims have been debunked.

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