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Freeloader - Mobile audio creation (Ringtones)

Katie Lips

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‘Freeloader’, a commission by The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology’s Collaboration Programme elevates the audience of mobile consumers to ‘audio artists’ in a collaborative mobile educational space.


‘Freeloader’ offers a space where artists, teachers and pupils alike, can explore mobile audio. Essentially it is “free original mobile content for an artistic community”. It is designed as an educational resource and is being developed further to include a series of teaching guides explaining the use of various pieces of music software including Cubase.

Freeloader allows teachers to integrate mobile technology into their music subject teaching in a range of ways. The project will include ‘How to guides’ on creating mobile suitable content, and includes functionality for sharing and distribution of collaborative works by pupils which means the site will grow to be a showcase of work by young people.

Initially designed in conjunction with pupils in Liverpool schools, the site is now open to anyone with an interest in exploring mobile audio in music education.

The Freeloader project has been devised and developed by Kisky Netmedia to be a collaborative space for the creation and distribution of mobile content as part of the FACT ‘Stream and Shout’ Programme. Freeloader is not only a showcase for ‘sound art’ created by artists, but is a shining example of innovative creative technology at work across web and mobile platforms.

Freeloader is an educational website, community, content creation tool.


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