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John Newman provides examples of Solie's travel records

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John Newman posted this on Facebook:
These are more examples of the so-called "illegible" Solie travel records between 1957 and 1962--these from March 1957 and May 1962. We will be posting such "illegible" materials slowly during 2023 for a variety of purposes (bookmarks, post cards, etc.) to spread the evidence underscoring how each of these trips coincided with and served the interests of the KGB.
By the way, with respect to the post below describing the purchase of collector's book sets, we have sold seven of the ten available for this holiday season. We are getting ready to make signed and otherwise inscribed copies of Uncovering Popov's Mole available in Texas soon.
Our team continues to grow--into a small army--and work on forthcoming volumes is proceeding apace. I'll be doing a CAPA zoom presentation shortly on Volume IV (see their schedule) and a 2-hour special live presentation around Christmas with Project JFK/CSI Dallas also on Volume IV, and something else special after the spring break in 2023.
It's a relief to be back in the saddle and writing again. 2023 should be a very productive year. ✍️🙏
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