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I got a book for Christmas called Secret Societies of America's Elite from the Knights Templar to Skull and Bones by Steven Sora

The author is new to me and the book is a short and interesting read. Sora minces no words about how a power control group works its way through society, over time, bending law to their own will.

Kennedy is not the only President who tangled with the world powers and their agenda. A look at other presidential murders, Harrison and Lincoln, even the deaths of Martin and Bobby fit right in with Sora's thesis. You'll need an open mind to absorb all the info but the history of the formation of America is enlightening and believable. This is a good companion to the Marrs book on secret societies and those Masonic who take matters into their own hands, unbeknownst to the populace. Secrecy is the rule and this book explains to me why Clare Luce became a Catholic and Dame of Malta as she served under Eisenhower. Why Hoover was the xxxx he was. While you’re at it, ck out The Wise Men Six Friends and the World they Made by Issacson and Thomas.

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