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JFK facts and JFK fantasies

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In courts of law, evidence must be presented where a chain of custody can be demonstrated.

Hearsay testimony ("I heard someone say something") is not permitted unless it can be supported by additional and verifiable hard evidence.

Unfortunately a lot of people love to speculate about a lot of things without a shred of hard evidence to support their claims.

In a court of law their opinions would be excluded at trial.

I have spent years working in the world of courts of law and trying to unravel at least two situations where evidence contradicts wild claims.

Unfortunately a number of people then resort to personal attacks instead of dealing with facts in evidence.

Sometimes cops and prosecutors have vested interests and these corrupt folks try to corrupt the course of justice.

One person in particular who I respect for his honest hard work relating to the subject of JFK's murder, is Larry Hancock.

Perhaps some of his, and similarly related works, should be classroom reading for folks here, before they begin throwing in their two-penny-worth of opinions.

On the other hand you may to take the view that this is just one big gossip site where facts in evidence are as important as dreams.

That is of course your right, but don't be surprised if your views are exposed as mere fantasy.

That's my opinion on the matter.

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