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Biography: Mustafa Khan

Mustafa Khan

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Occupation: Fulltime student at Southbank University studying Business Information Technology BSC Hons year 4.

Residence: Mitcham, Surrey

As it is my last year of university I have a final project to complete and hand in three months time. I have chosen the area that I would like to research being e-learning in schools in Britain. However I have had a really difficult time deciding upon a hypothesis or area to research. I have to find a theory and prove it.

Looking for journals on tech subject has been difficult. reading the discussion board I found it clear to see that there is a problem with curriculum online and e-credits. Reading your discussion it became clear to me that things are not what they seem and may have another dimension worth considering. Reading your discussion board was the only way I found to hear the views of academics within this field.

If nothing else I would be extremely grateful to have your point of view or to be shown a fruitful direction to follow. I appreciate hearing views of academics such as yourself who work within this field.

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