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Tabloids and Cops: the JFK conundrum

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There is no doubt in my mind that this Forum, like other forums of its kind dealing with specialized topics, is populated by two kinds of people: wanna-be tabloid writers and genuine investigative cops.

Notice that I defined my idea of a genuine cop. He or she is not a thug or a glory seeker, but someone with sociology skills who wants to enforce laws preventing violence against people and property.

On the other hand there are the wanna-be tabloid writers. Notice too that I defined the kind of tabloid writer that I am discussing. This is someone who has no time for common sense, evidence or cause and effect. They want glory and if possible payment that comes along with it.

There are genuine tabloid writers, let's say beginning with Ida Tarbell, who have sought to right social wrongs by exposing wrong-doers by rubbing their faces in the dirt they create.

Now look at the stuff that is plonked on to this Forum.

The first thing that goes out of the window is cause and effect as defined by the guidelines of Occam's Razor.

Some posts are so long-winded that they climb up the trunk of tree, find a major branch and split in that branch and follow it out to the twigs and the minor of the major twigs. Then they build a story that is so convoluted that it would engulf a library of works to understand each point raised.

But life is not like that. Crimes are not like that. Murder (for the most part) is not like that. Occam's Razor says look for motive and means. Of course if you look hard enough and long enough you will find blemishes on the most slender of sub-twigs. But answers? No, for murder first look at the spouse, and then go from there.

In the instance of Jack Kennedy his wife Jackie seems to have let him off tied to a very long string so that he could screw any female he chose. Sometimes it seems, with his brother.

Sex does not seem to be a motive the way that if often is in many murders.

Money, well that is a different matter. One guy and his pals, all known killers and thugs, had reason to want John Kennedy dead.

But to go there is to go where the biggest tabloid owner of all time got his money to start the National Enquirer.

So don't go there!

Go abroad where the Mafia has climbed into bed with the CIA who are in bed with people like Gordon McLendon and Clint Murchison.

Now look at what is being posted on this Forum.

Aside from David Von Pein and his pals who keep shouting "there's nothing to see here, LHO did it all by himself because he was crazy", well apart from David, there is a tribe who are constantly magnifying twigs and looking at them in detail. But the trouble is they obscure the few who ask intelligent questions by following the evidence left at the trunk of the tree, they don't start with minor twigs and work backwards.

As for me, I am looking at Carlos Marcello and his pals in Chicago and New Jersey.

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