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Biography: David Oliver

David Oliver

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I am an English Language Instructor with fifteen years experience, mostly at the tertiary level in English Literature, Education or Modern Language Faculties in the United States and abroad. I have taught both native and non-native speakers. Abroad I have taught university students in Korea and The Arabian Gulf. My students have included first and second year university native speakers working towards a degree, non-native speakers working towards a, non-native speakers working towards certification or requisites for in-house promotions, some low-level non-native speakers who had not completed high school (military).

I am currently developing a "Learn From Your Mistakes" Dictation-based software package for ESL/FL students to improve grammar, pronunciation and spelling by hearing their mistakes prior to having their teacher marked essays returned. Toured France with a Heritage folk troupe

sponsored by the Acadiana Arts Council


I am working on my first novel: http://www.teacherinkuwait.com/Novelinprogress.html

My web address is http://www.teacherinkuwait.com

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