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Wall Street Journal article of Nov. 22, 2023, " How to Botch an Assassination Investigation"

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Wall Street Journal article of Nov. 22, 2023, " How to Botch an Assassination Investigation"
by Thomas J. Baker, a retired FBI agent and legal attaché and author of "The Fall of the 
FBI: How a once Great Agency Became a Threat to Democracy."
 (Excerpts from the article) 
One lesson law enforcement learned from Dallas and its aftermath is how not to investigate
an assassination. The Kennedy Investigaton devolved into a fiasco. No one was in charge. 
The Federal Bureau of investigation, the Secret Service, the Dallas police and sheriff offices 
 all argued with each other. These agencies and others battled over Oswald, the riffle and
other evidence, witnesses, and, most important, jurisdiction. It was worse than unprofessional --
it was deadly. 
The mishandling of Oswald allowed Jack Ruby to shoot the suspected assassin in the
basement of the police headquarters. This added to the already burning conspiracy
theories. Practically every American would eventually see the death of a president
on the Zapruder film. The killing of the assassin while in police custody was also
there to see. 
In November 1963, it wasn't a federal crime to kill the president. In response to the Kennedy 
assassination, Congress passed a 1965 law -- Title 18, Code section 1751 -- that made 
assaulting the president a federal crime. The new statute was clear. The FBI would
conduct investigations into attacks on the president.
We can be sorrowful that Jack Kennedy, our youngest president, was lost to us after only a few
years in office. But we also can be grateful that Ronald Reagan, our oldest president at
the time, survived to serve two terms in office. On the day Reagan was shot, law
enforcement didn't want to repeat the errors made in Dallas. And to this day there has never
been any suggestion of a conspiracy surrounding the Reagan assassination attempt.
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