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How Many Shots Were Fired At The President --- In 1975?

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I've become interested lately in the contradiction that exists in the various media reports and Internet articles relating to the second of the two assassination attempts against President Gerald Ford which occurred within 17 days of each other in September of 1975.

We all know that in the 2nd attempt on Ford's life (on September 22, 1975), a 45-year-old woman named Sara Jane Moore did manage to fire her pistol at the President in San Francisco, and all of the initial reports that I have seen (such as the newspaper seen below) indicate that only one single shot was fired from Moore's gun.

And there's also an audio recording of the shooting (via the CBS Radio Network), which can be heard HERE. In that audio recording, one gunshot can clearly be heard, but no more than one is heard.

But there are some people out there writing articles who evidently are of the opinion that Sara Jane Moore fired two shots at President Ford.

I think a lot of the articles that I've seen on the Internet that are claiming "two shots" have derived their information, in large part, from this Wikipedia page, which claims that the cab driver who was injured in the groin during the shooting was positively struck by a "second shot" fired by would-be assassin Moore. But the injury to the bystander could have been caused by the ONLY shot fired by Moore. A second shot is probably not required.

Based on the audio recording I linked to above, I favor just one single shot being fired by Moore. Because if a second gunshot had actually been fired from that very same weapon, I cannot fathom how the sound of that shot would not have been captured by the CBS Radio microphone that managed to easily capture the very loud noise caused by the first blast.

So, similar to the long-debated question of How many shots did Lee Harvey Oswald really fire?....

I'd like to now ask:

How many shots did Sara Jane Moore fire? One or two?


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