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Looking for Originals and/or Official Documentation

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There are a bunch of documents I would like to find the originals for. The "official" form, or at least the NARA locating information, would be ideal. Since tracking down documents is the purpose of this particular forum, I will post my requests below. If anyone can help me, I would be most appreciative. Thank you.

1. The "Shanklin memo. I originally found this in the John Hunt article "The Mystery of the 7:30 Bullet," which is no longer on the JFKLancer website, but I was fortunate enough to download the image before the article disappeared. I remember Hunt describing which box, drawer, etc. he found it in, but sadly I didn't record that information when I downloaded the memo. Theoretically, this document should be in the NARA collection somewhere, but that is impossible to navigate. I posted the memo itself here: https://www.a-benign-conspiracy.com/the-shanklin-memo.html

2. Any FBI "302" reports for the following individuals:

  • Audrey Bell
  • any of the Connally nurses (esp. King, Burkett, Johnson, but also Rutherford and Shroder--First names unknown)
  • O.P. Wright
  • Elizabeth Wright
  • Darrell Tomlinson
  • Nathan Burgess Pool
  • Bobby Nolan
  • Henry Wade

3. Any sworn testimonies or depositions from the above individuals, aside from "302" reports?

4. The full report from which the clipping of Bobby Nolan transferring a bullet "fragment" to DPD Captain Will Fritz was taken (clipping at https://jfkwitnesses.omeka.net/items/show/251

5. Any recordings, transcripts, minutes, etc. of the high-level White House meeting Johnson called for while aboard Air Force One (per the AF1 radio recordings) that took place at some point after his arrival in D.C. and probably extended into the early morning hours of the next day.

6. Not quite as critical (since they are still available in John Hunt's article "Frazier Speaks" at https://history-matters.com/essays/frameup/FrazierSpeaks/FrazierSpeaks.htm -- but it would still be nice to have links to the "official" versions) I'd also like to find where in the official documentation I can find:

  • Robert Frazier's "Laboratory Work Sheet" dated 11/26/63
  • Any Frazier "Laboratory Work Sheet" pre-dating 11/26/63, if such exists
  • The FBI "Evidence Report" authorized by Frazier that went to DPD Chief Curry on 11/23/63 under Hoover's name
  • The Frazier file cover "Evidence Handling Roadmap" which Hunt had scanned 

7. Any sworn testimonies (not the unsworn CE1024 memos or Clint Hill WC testimony) by any or all of the Secret Service agents in the Secret Service follow-up car or in Johnson's follow-up car. I know that somewhere there is "item # D114, rif # numerous, released '95, HSCA Secret Service Agents' Interviews", which is no longer on my original source website. Anyone know where I can find it these days? Even these interviews were not sworn depositions. Do any sworn depositions exist?

8. The education forum provided a picture of the Secret Service Agent Richard Johnson's memo tracing CE399 to O.P. Wright (https://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/19537-the-secret-service-and-ce399/page/4/). Can you tell me where the "official" version of this memo can be found? 

9. In his article "The Phantom Identification of CE 399" (now no longer available on the JFKLancer website), John Hunt had posted some high-res scans of CE 399 rotated so that all surfaces were visible. I don't suppose anyone downloaded those images before his articles disappeared from JFKLancer?

10. In fact, if anyone downloaded the entirety of either of John Hunt's articles ("The Mystery of the 7:30 Bullet" or "The Phantom Identification of CE 399," I'd surely like to be able to access them. 

11. John Hunt was going to write a book about all of his findings. Apparently he passed away before it was ever published. Does anyone know of where a draft of it might still exist, especially if it is available online? Or any recordings of his phone calls with Jay Cochran or Robert Frazier or other individuals, especially if they are available online?

There's probably other documents that I can't think of at the moment, but tracking these down would be a tremendous help. I might or might not check back on this thread later, so if anyone has anything helpful to share, please post not only on this thread, but also contact me through my web page contact https://www.a-benign-conspiracy.com/contact.html and I would be extremely grateful!


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