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Audrey Bell's "Big Play"

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In Audrey Bell's ARRB interview (Side 2 of the tape, starting about 6:38) there is an exchange where she mentions a Dallas Times Herald article and a "Channel 4" news segment that were part of a 24-hour long "Big Play" in the news media, probably somewhere around the time of her HSCA interview.

What I'm looking for is the actual newspaper article/s and a video clip of that "Channel 4" segment, if anyone can track those down and post them.

Here is the ARRB exchange:

(https://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/arrb/medical_interviews/audio/ARRB_Bell.htm) on side 2, starting about 6:38:

Q: We have a little bit of a mystery here that we’re trying to clarify and resolve. What I would like to do is read to you an excerpt from a memo written by one of our (ARRB) staff members, Mr. Joe Kramer (sp?) who wrote this memo on April 26, 1996. And it concerns the Connally fragments, and concerns the subject of your transmission of them to another person. If you may, I’d like to read a paragraph from it, and I’ll let you read it if you like, and ask for your comments. Mr. (Freeman?) writes, “We discussed this foreign body envelope, which he found in this letter I just showed you. And then he says,  “Hell, after consulting with one or more members of Governor Connally’s staff present at Parkland concerning turning the envelope containing the fragments over to State—Texas State Trooper Bobby M. Nolan. There is a receipt for this transaction written in handwriting which appears to be the same as that on the envelope—i.e., it appears to be Audrey Bell’s handwriting. On the receipt, as opposed to the envelope, the term ‘fragment’ (singular) is used to describe the envelope’s contents, as opposed to the plural version of the noun on the envelope. The receipt is written on an office memorandum from—and in the “to” category, Bell writes what appears to be “Lt. Alexander” on the top line, “crime lab” on the second line. End quote. Bell and Nolan each signed the receipt, which is dated 11/22/63. Nolan also initialed the envelope itself.
A: Well, Lieutenant Alexander was with the Dallas crime lab. We had a Lieutenant Alexander who we worked with who was down there. How—if he was up there that day—
Q: Do you—Have you ever met Bobby Nolan, Texas State Trooper Bobby Nolan
A: I could have met him. I just don’t recognize who he is at this time. I had so many from the Texas Trooper’s office there, because they were the ones guarding the Governor.
Q: Were they normally in uniform, or not?
A: Yeah. They were in uniform. The ones that I recall were in uniform. That’s the reason I don’t think that is correct.  You know, that kind of ties them to—there was a newspaper report out in Dallas. There was somebody—and I think it was with Texas State Department, said that they had a handful of those fragments themselves. This came out in the Dallas Times Herald. And that they were—pulled them out of his pocket accidentally, and I don’t think they ever said that knew knew how they got there, and said that they were from the Governor’s room. And I know that I had a call that day from DP and everything else wanting to know, because it’d, you know, been on record many times that I had all the fragments and then turned them over. And there was—at that time, there was one of the TV guys, news guys, living in our apartment complex down there, and he called me first about it. 
Q: This man—person that your describing, was this possibly the same year that the House Committee spoke to you?
A: I don’t know. I—It could have been. It was along in about that time, I think. 
Q: Do you remember the name of that trooper involved in that incident? Was it this man, Bobby Nolan? Or was it a different—
A: It could have been Bobby Nolan. I don’t know if it was him, or whether it was someone else. But there was a big play in Dallas for at least 24 hours about somebody else having those fragments. 
Q: And the media interviewed you?
A: The media—I think it was Channel 4.
Q: Did that other individual who said he had fragments call you?
A: No. We had no contact. 
Q: Okay. Mr. Freeman, when he wrote this, I think he’s basing his account on—he cited this receipt. He’s no longer with the staff. (Unintelligible) He was basically assigned this receipt. He was trying to piece this together. Did you ever meet any State Troopers who were not in uniform the whole time at the hospital?
A: Not that I’m aware of. I think even Colonel Garrison always wore a uniform. 
Q: Do you remember talking to Mr. Alexander at all about any fragments or having any conversations with him?
A: Our crime lab Alexander?
Q: Yes.
A: I’m just trying to recall. That could have been the other person. Because I wanted—I was going to give them to him, and he said it was okay to go ahead and give them. He could have have been the second individual that was in the room. But basically, no. This is the first time I’ve ever thought about talking to Lieutenant Alexander about the fragments. Because they never got down to him. Normally I would have taken them down to him. 
Q: Do you remember any other documents or memoranda about the fragments, or describing the transfer of them in a handwritten memorandum about the transfer of them—anything else about the envelope that you’ve already—
A: (unintelligible) the envelope. And the individual signed. I wrote on there something about the foreign body envelope containing the fragments were being given to—
Q: And you’re talking about the receipt now. There was an envelope, and there was a separate receipt.
A: Yes. They had to sign for them. It was on Dallas County Hospital Memorandum. I remember it was one of the red ones, the red memos that we had.
Q: Okay.
A: And it was about half of a 8 1/2 by 11 page, standard. And he signed it for me, and then that wen to Administration that afternoon. 
Q: You sent it down to Administration?
A: I took it down.
Q: You took it down. Okay.
Q; And that was in your handwriting?
A: It was in my handwriting, yes. 

If anyone can help me out with finding the original sources related to the 24-hour long "big play," I would appreciate it!


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