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...Newbie here, with a few questions, and some answers...

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Hi to everybody here...

I came here, essentially, to share the results of my research on the photographic and film record of the Assassination. To make it short, these records were heavily forged to hide the truth of the event, but this was done with 60's technology and know-how, and are no match for a methodology expressly designed to retrieve weak signals, using 21st Century digital technology.

The methodology is simple (a half page of instructions) and doesn't require any kind of expensive software: I work with a 15-year old freebee software which I am familiar with, because I am from the pen-and-paper generation and not computer-friendly. This means that everyone can reproduce quite easily the results I have obtained.

The results in question are as follow:

- the shooting in Dallas was executed by at least (I cannot discount the possibility of other teams or assassins, not captured in films and pix, though I would think the three teams I identified can account for the ballistics of the shooting) three teams of assassins wearing Dallas Police uniforms.

- Oswald was not present in the Sniper's Nest during the shooting: a man wearing a DPD uniform was, on the contrary, filmed in that location by Hughes and Bronson, and also captured in a picture by another witness that day. At least one other man, still in uniform, is present on the 6th floor during the shooting.

- another two-man team, also in uniform, is found in the Altgens pix, on the second floor of the DalTex Building, behind the fire staircase

- a third team, also in uniform, is located on the Knoll behind the picket fence, near the corner (where the HSCA determined at least one shot was fired).

- this team on the Knoll, the most exposed, was covered/protected by at least 5/6 accomplices, also in uniform, deployed behind the retaining wall. The notorious BlackDogMan artefact behind the wall is actually one of those uniformed accomplices.

All this assertions are backed by uncontrovertible film and photographic evidence.

I am still trying to find the best way to present this to members here. Let me know how you would like me to proceed.


In the meantime, I have a few questions, arising from the results I have obtained. Your input is welcome:

- the fact that a team of uniformed assassins was present on the 6th floor begs the question of access to and exit from the area, apparently without being noticed by anyone. How could it be done?

- I read on two occasions that the responsability of the DPD in the security of the motorcade ended just as it turned in to Main Street (so, just a few seconds before the start of the shooting), but cannot find the source. Any clue on this?

- similarly, I recall a statement from a JFK book that someone from the media did state that the Moorman picture did contain a clear image of the shooter, and that he was wearing peculiar eyewear. I thought it might have been in Reasonable Doubt, but cannot access the book right now. Does this ring a bell to anyone here? The reason I ask is, of course, because I did retrieve the image of this man from Moorman, and he indeed is wearing strange eye-wear, akin to a swimmer or a welder. A subsequent question would be, are you familiar with this kind of apparel being used by sharpshooters or hunters, in the time period concerned?

- last question: has the very bizarre perspective of the retaining wall from the Nix film ever been recreated by researchers?

Thanks for your input...


PS: I have also worked on the autopsy pictures, and can show you the genuine aspect of JFK's rear head wound...


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