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Derek McMillan

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What a whining pathetic performance from the Prime Minister! There really does seem to be precious little choice in the coming election: vote for a corporate Tweedledum or a corporate Tweedledee: both overtrumping each other with the so-called "race card".

Whoever wins is likely to do so on the grounds people want to vote against their opponent rather than for anything positive.

I understand why people are tempted to vote for the LibDems and it is not their lack of experience which prevents me voting for them. It is the perception that when it came to the war they opposed it right up until it started then they went all patriotic, with privatisation they oppose all the schemes but think it is OK if called "liberalisation". I think we have to begin the long slow (well hopefully not that slow) task of building an alternative. I think the respect coalition could help and I think the trade unions could help more.

More and more people in the trade unions are concerned that their political levy is going to fund New Labour privatisation and war. Indeed unions without a political fund have discussed setting one up to oppose New Labour's appalling policies.

Standing protest candidates to fight against privatisation and war is better than people voting with their bottoms and staying at home on polling day! It is time for a change.


The Socialist Party is doing its bit but we can't do it on our own.

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