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Toulouse Agenda

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E-HELP meeting – Outline Agenda

17-20 February

The following has been put together (where possible) on the basis of themes, flight times, nationalities and a suitable mix of members and associates. :hotorwot Where appropriate, each member will make their brief(er) presentation and introduce (and chair) the presentation by our guests.

Thursday 17th February

Morning - Arrivals

13h00-14h30 Lunch

14h30-16h00 Session 1

Richard Jones-Nerzic

Dan Lyndon

16h30-18h00 Session 2

Anders MacGregor-Thunell

Dave Martin

Friday 18th February

09h30-11h00 Session 3

John Stringer

11h30-13h00 Session 4

Dalibor Svoboda

Isabelle Voegeli

13h00-14h30 Lunch

14h30-16h00 Session 5

John Simkin

Caterina Gasparini

16h30-18h00 Session 6

Nico Zijlstra

Doug Belshaw

Saturday 19th February

09h30-11h00 Session 7

Vicente López-Brea Fernández

János Blasszauer

11h30-13h00 Session 8

Terry Haydn

Jose Luis de la Tore

13h00-14h30 Lunch

14h30-16h00 Session 9

Alf Wilkinson

Andy Walker

16h30-18h00 Session 10

Juan Carlos Ocaña

Andrew Field (Remote)

Sunday 20th February

09h30-12h00 Planning issues - Members only

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