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Biography: Jim McCracken

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Since retiring from academic medicine I have for the past three years been traveling the world from my keyboard; In Search of a Family's History which is now the title of an all but completed book which I hope to publish privately. I don't expect it to have a wide readership. My search, both on the maternal and the paternal sides of the family took me to the late 17th Century. There I found that my paternal ancestors had bought property in the SW of Scotland. They and others, who lived in the same small community, were all Weavers and it became apparent that they were living and working in a small ‘commune’ when the Industrial Revolution was in its infancy. John Kay's Flying Shuttle was patented in 1733. Those relatives preceded others who over the next 200 years were intimately involved in the woollen industry until its demise in the 1960s, my grandfather becoming a wool broker.

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