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JD Tippitt = Badgeman

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This is an interesting page on how this could be...


Morningstar is obviously a little bit "far Out" but this is worth reading.

I think the Tramp Cop has been identified. It is isn't Tippett.

Tippett was killed before the tramps were taken off the train and walked across the plaza.

Two scenarios keep suggesting themselves to me. First, if you credit Judyth, then Tippett and Oswald were the two "hot dogs" out to save Kennedy from within the squad, they appeared to support and participate, but shared a private agenda to disrupt or derail the ambush, if possible.

It is also quite possible that Tippett was Badgeman (or NIX gunman) and took a bullet while conspiring on the grassy knoll, from law enforcement or renegade assassins. The possibility that TIPPETT was murdered for his knowledge of the events, or even wounded at Dealey and removed to the "scene of the crime" across town keeps coming to me as a scenario. Some form of crossfire, friendly fire, or return fire happened at the [tactical offensive salient] and it is no stretch to think that jack ruby, lee oswald, or JD Tippet was involved in that violent exchange...

(was Tippett firmly linked by his radio traffic to the district where he was found? Or was it possible he was by the River and the Freeway at 12:30? ....either way, if he was hostile to the plans hatching at the CAROUSEL, they would have killed him, wouldn't they? If Oswald had broken ranks, they would have pinned it on him and killed him, correct? I think Oswald and Tippett got into the org. but couldn't get out the way they had hoped.>>>>>>>>>

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