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WorldCALL is the worldwide professional association for teachers and educators interested in Computer Assisted Language Learning.

WorldCALL has already held two major international conferences:

WorldCALL 1998, Melbourne, Australia:


WorldCALL 2003, Banff, Canada, hosted jointly by the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary.

We have had to abandon the old WorldCALL website at http://www.worldcall.org for the time being. Due to problems beyond our control it has proved impossible to update the information it contained, so a new WorldCALL website has been set up at the Polytechnic University of Valencia Spain. Special thanks are due to Ana Gimeno-Sanz for enabling us to make this arrangement so quickly and effortlessly. The new URL is:


In the near future we will be issuing a call for bids to host WorldCALL 2008, so keep an eye on the new website!

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WorldCALL conference on Computer Assisted Language Learning

The WorldCALL 2008 Conference Planning Committee has reached a decision on the venue of WorldCALL 2008. WorldCALL 2008, the third in the series of WorldCALL conferences, will take place in Japan in the month of August, 2008. Further details will be announced later. Keep an eye on the WorldCALL website:


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