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Biography: Jim Porter

Jim Porter

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My name is James P Porter, I'm retired from the US Navy. I joined the Navy in 1961 a year later I was off the coast of Cuba during the missle crises. I was young and not into politics at the time but felt that the election of Kennedy was moving the country in a different direction, what direction, I was unsure but felt it was in the positive. After the assassination I felt something was going on in Dallas, besides the lone nut conspiracy and started reading everything I could get my hands on. I've read just about every book written on the subject, listened to many hours of tapes and read every page and testimony in the Warren report. After 40 some years still don't know the ansewer but know that the political mood, foreign policies and political players of the time made conspiracy a believable theory. I think this forum would be very interesting to read thoughts of others on the subject.

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