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Airspace Over Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63

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When I was developing a shopping center, I had aerial photos taken periodially to have a record of the project progress and to have a "birds eye view" history.

The assassination in Dallas was a much more significant project than mine, and the men behind it or those with financial means that knew about the plot, might have also wanted to have an aerial photographic history of the event.

Even though the plotters/shooters would want to maintain secrecy to avoid being caught, they must have had huge egos to even concieve of killing the President of the US. Imagine that the powerful men involved (mob, CIA, FBI, Military, Cuban exiles, wealthy Dallas oil interests, defense contractors, Vice Presidents, etc.) wanted their private aerial record of the events in Dealey Plaza.

In all the topics in the RFK assassination forums, I have never seen any discussion of researching the private aircraft that were airborne that day. Would the federal government records of the FAA's Air Traffic Control in the Dallas/Ft Worth airspace be considered as JFK Assassination Records? I would imagine that the government coverup by Hoover and Johnson for the Warren Commission would also include any records of the FAA that might lead to aerial observors of Dealey Plaza on November 22nd.

Somewhere there was a suggestion that another well known person (besides Nixon) was in Dallas. It was the Prime Minister of Israel. Is it possible that Israeli intelligence would have taken aerial photos? I'm not suggesting that Israeli's were involved, but I can't imagine that the planned murder was a complete secret before it happened and they have excellent worldwide intelligence.

Would Tosh Plumlee, as a pilot active in the area and on the very day, know how to secure a list of aircraft in the Dallas/Ft Worth airspace? If a list of aircraft can be located, I would volunteer to research and contact the owners and/or pilots to answer this question.

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