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Spring Day in Europe

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SPRING DAY 2004: Celebrating the Enlargement of Europe

The European Union will expand from 15 to 25 countries in 2004. This year's

Spring Day in Europe will celebrate the fifth enlargement of the European

Union. Spring Day is about involving young people celebrating the Future of

Europe - many (though not all) of the activities involve using ICT in

meaningful and interactive ways.

Registration for schools and colleges is FREE

Resources will be made available to participating institutions and

activities will help pupils, students, teachers and lecturers know each

other better, link up and build Europe together. The debate dimension will

be there, such a historical event doesn't go without questions, fears, hopes

and doubts.

All information is available from the Spring Day 2004 website.

(Spring Day)

Highlights so far this year include:

Young reporters


Twinning schools

Culture Box

You can register at: http://futurum2004.eun.org/

You can see what happened last year at:

http://futurum-21.eun.org/index_spring.cfm where more than 5500 schools


Also visit the Projects page and the Zap Web site

Each country in Europe has a Spring Day pedagogical coordinator, the full

list is provided on the site: do not hesitate to contact them; they will be

able to make links for you!

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