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International context of ICT and MFL

Graham Davies

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Two publications that look at ICT and foreign languages in an international context:


Fitzpatrick A. & Davies G. (2003) (eds.) The Impact of Information and Communications Technologies on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and on the Role of Teachers of Foreign Languages. This is a comprehensive report commissioned by the EC Directorate General of Education and Culture, which can be downloaded in PDF or Word format from the ICC website: http://www.icc-europe.com - click on "Report on ICT in FLL".


Fitzpatrick A. (2004) (ed.) Analytical Survey: Information and Communications Technologies in the Teaching and Learning of Foreign Languages: State-of-the-Art, Needs and Perspectives, Moscow: UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education: http://www.iite-unesco.org - but I don't think it's available on the Web

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