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Recorded for posterity"BUSHISMS"

Guest Stephen Turner

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Guest Stephen Turner

I have for some time been collecting the gaffe's & malapropism's of

G.W. Bush,43rd President of the United States of America. I belive they

should be recorded for history,so in a more enlightend time, people will be

able to see the great benifits a Yale education had, & marval at the wonders

of the Capitalist system.

So, as we cant get rid of the bugger for another four years, lets enjoy him

the only way we can. Please post your own favorites....!


"Reading is the basics for all learning"

"There's no such thing as legacies.At least, there is a legacy,

but i'll never see it".

"As govenor of Texas,I have set high standards for our public schools,

and I have met those standards"

"One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some

fantastic pictures".

"Rarely is the question asked:is our children learning?"

" The illiteracy level of our children are appalling"

" You know, sometimes when you study History, you get stuck in

the past."

"Im sure you can imagine,it's an unimaginable honour to be here."

"I belive in teaching children to read & having an education system

thats responsive to the child & the parents, as opposed to mired in a

system that refuses to change, will make America want we want to be,

A literate country-& a hopefuller country.

America the land where any billionaire can be President.

Next Post" It's the stupid economy"

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Guest Stephen Turner

And now for George's special insights into HOW THE ECONOMY WORKS....

"Its your money, you paid for it."

"If the terriors & bariffs are torn down, this economy will work."(Just weird)

"Iv'e always found the best investments are those based on economics"

"More & more of our imports come from overseas"

"Not over my dead body will I raise your taxes"

This one has nothing to do with economics, I just like it......

"The suicide bombings have increased, There's to many of them."

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