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BBC Learning: French

John Simkin

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The BBC is now providing a series of short online learning courses on French. This includes French Fix (motivational language learning which takes whatever knowledge of French you have and challenges you to improve it on the spot); French Steps (earn how to converse, order in a restaurant and ask for directions in French with this online beginners course that's easy-to-use); Language Gauge (this tool will let you find out how much you know and what's best for you to take your it further; Talk French (a language course for absolute beginners, with video and audio clips and activities to help you learn); The French Experience (a series of multimedia activities for beginners, building on the absolute basics of Talk French, but can be used on its own to learn and practise the language).


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Jphn Simkin writes:

The BBC is now providing a series of short online learning courses on French.

You'll find lots of BBC language materials at:


This above URL takes you to the main portal for BBC language courses online - and will link you to the French materials that John describes. The "Steps" series consists of introductory courses - the first of which was Spanish Steps. I contributed to the German Steps course at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/german/lj/

The French Experience goes back quite a long way. It's an established complete course: book, cassettes, CD-Audio, CD-ROM. The CD-ROM materials are superior to the online materials - as it usually the case with language learning materials, i.e. more spontaneity and interaction, better quality sound and video.

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