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Lloyd Cutler (1917-2005)

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Lloyd Cutler, the Democratic advisor to President Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, died in Washington Sunday May 8th, 2005. A shadowy eminent grise, the gray suited attorney represented the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, I.B.M., banks, television networks and lobbied the U.S. government for the most powerful corporate interests as paartner of WILMER, CUTLER and PICKERING, a law firm he founded in 1962.

When Bernard Nussbaum, Bill Clinton's counsel, quit in 1994, Cutler served a special four month stint as White House counsel, a position he had also held under JIMMY CARTER.

With 500 lobbyists and attorneys in his firm, Cutler served as lobbyist, Democratic figurehead and Presidential advisor, in a similar fashion to his contemporary Clark Clifford. He is also associated in his "New York Times" Obituary with EDWARD BENNETT WILLIAMS, KATHERINE GRAHAM, PAMELA HARRIMAN, PAUL WARNKE and CYRUS VANCE. He was married to the widow of syndicated columnist Joseph Kraft, and is survived by Polly Craft Cutler.

He defended ROBERT BORK for Attorney General. He won an $8,000,000 settlement with France for GREENPEACE, after France blew up the RAINBOW WARRIOR as the Greenpeace vessel protested French nuclear testing in the Pacific.

By representing the Pharmaceutical Industry in the 1950's he worked to extend and harden patent protection times and exclusivity. This brought him into the nexus of Pharmaceutical Corporate governing, a tradition known to Bush family observers. Eli Lilly, Pfizer and the German cartel chemical manufacturers benefitted from the efforts of Lloyd Cutler to gain governmental benefits for drug manufacturers. His efforts also extended the ABC/CBS/NBC structure of national broadcast television. (Boyden Grey, Mitch Daniels and GHW Bush still work in this revolving door environment of pharmaceutical lobbying/ federal governing)

A graduate of Yale University, Lloyd Cutler was profoundly impressed by his father's law partner, Fiorello La Guardia.

In the Carter Library Presidential Archives, their are boxes marked CIA RE-ORGANIZATION LLOYD CUTLER.

However, beyond the 1978 executive order I reported on in the SEMINARS thread, there was no re-organization of the structural aspects of American Intelligence.

From my reading of the Carter WHite House Counsel boxes of LLoyd Cutler marked CIA RE-CHARTER, I can say that Mr. Cutler absorbed the various oversight and reform concepts and returned from COngress, the Agencies and his own consultations with the report to Carter and Mondale that no further legislative regulation of the INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES would be forthcoming.

As I stated in my Seminar Paper, I believe that Lloyd Cutler also advised BILL CLINTON against any systematic reform of the Intelligence structure; he certainly halted the process during the final two years of the Carter Administration.

WHile he lived, this man may have known more than any man alive about German/ US corporate entanglements in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry after World War Two, and he was obviously in a position to know the true nature of the Television, Radio, Film and News domestic propagansda and intelligence programs known now as OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

A close associate of Henry Kissinger, the attorney is eulogized by the writer S.Taylor as a man with "deep throaty voice, carefully chosen words, measured pace, gravitas, wisdom, courtliness, the whole bit. Lloyd was born an eminence grise, in that last generations of people who got to be grown-ups."

With that sort of despised romantic vomit in the MSM I thought I would file a critical piece on the lobbyist, attorney and WH counsel, Lloyd Cutler.

You see, now, some other people get to be "grown-ups" and bring a voice to the table, not just YALE MOCKINGBIRD PHARMACEUTICAL ATTORNEYS WHO DERAIL INTELLIGENCE REFORM ....... a particularly poor example of a democrat, i say

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