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Kim Reinholt

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Twenty-year old Kim Reinholt is from Denmark. He has taken a keen interest in the assassination since 1996 after watching Oliver Stone's film JFK when he was 11 years old. During his early research he made contact with Finn Madsen, a Danish historian who has written several assassination-related books. They worked together and in 1999 they jointly produced and published Kennedy Mordet Internettet (The Kennedy Assassination and the Internet).

Kim owns both a Mannlicher-Carcano (identical to the Oswald rifle) and a Bell & Howell Director movie camera (identical to Abraham Zapruder's). He brought the camera to the 2003 DPIJK seminar and spoke about it at length. Kim has also had an article on the Zapruder camera published in The Dealey Plaza Echo (July 2003).

In recent months, Kim has been in correspondence with both Paul O'Connor and Dennis David (Bethesda witnesses).

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