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John Simkin

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Newsletter 1

I thought it might be a good idea to publish a regular newsletter concerning the project. I will of course add it to the Forum. Please send me any information you want included in the newsletter.

Project Members

Two members: Jøstein Taftø (Norway) and Christiane Haamann (Denmark) have left the project. In both cases they felt they did not have the time to devote to the project. Petra Quirenzova (Czech Republic) has agreed to join the project. To get a good balance I would still like another member who is a woman who lives in Eastern Europe. Does anyone have a good candidate?

The current team is:

Janos Blasszauer (Batthyany Lajos Gimnazium, Hungary)

Andrew Davies (Varndean School, UK)

Caterina Gasparini (Istituto Tecnico Industriale, Italy)

Anastasios Matos (Musical School of Larissa, Greece)

Juan Carlos Ocaña (Institution: IES Parque de Lisboa, Spain)

Petra Quirenzova (Podjestedske Gymnasium Liberec, Czech Republic)

David Richardson (University of Kalmar, Sweden)

Ulrike Schuh-Fricke (Gymnasium Neue Oberschule, Germany)

John Simkin (Spartacus Educational, UK)


Like our E-HELP project I would like to have associate members. For example, Marina Sergeeva Evaldovna would very much like to join our project. However, she is from Russia and cannot join as a full member. Therefore, she would make an excellent associate member. This would enable us to invite her to our meetings (this would be paid for out of our Comenius budget. Isabelle Voegeli (see below) is another possible associate.

Preliminary Visit Application Form

Hopefully you have all sent off your application form to your national agency. If you have not, the form can be found here:


Hotel Accommodation

I have selected the Burlington Hotel for your accommodation.


I am reluctant to book the rooms until we know who is actually coming. Please let me know when you have confirmation. The price is £60 per person (bed and breakfast).


The best way to get to Worthing is to fly to Gatwick. There is a train station in the airport and you can get a train that takes you directly to Worthing. The cost is £10.00. I will pick you up from the train station. I will get the times of the trains when I know what time you are arriving at Gatwick.

Video Interviews

I would like the project to contain a series of video interviews with elderly people in Europe talking about Citizenship. I am going to interview my 91 year old mother next week for the E-HELP project. My plan is to use photographs of her at various stages in her life as a backdrop of this interview. For example, when she is talking about watching her father go off to war (one of her first memories – she even remembered what he said to his wife: “you can’t wait to get rid of me”) I would show a photograph of my mother when she was four years old (unfortunately she does not have a photograph of my grandfather in his army uniform).

It is possible we could join forces with the Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe. See Isabelle Voegeli’s post here:



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