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I've started to look through what is 8 boxes of microfilms, each box with about 20 films, of US underground and alternative magazines from many states from 1963 through to early 70's. Today I got through about 1/2 of the first film, there are some (not many) from Dallas. I printed out some reports, such as on the spot interviews with Mark Lane and Bill Turner in the Berkley Barb , nov. 1966. Also a report from Australia in the Barb, again nov. '66 during LBJ's visit headed "could've assassinated LBJ ten times over.' A friend I had who was there went to the demo's wearing a helmet to protect his head and a pole with pigs head skewered on top wearing a police cap, naturally the cops went for him. A report in The Fifth Estate nov. 15 '66 by John Arden " A first Class Texas Job" which to my surprise mirrors closely some of my thought's. I'll endeavour to digitise and post these and others in the future. Theres an intersting one in The Barb from sep 1965 involving some intrigue with Reagan and the JBS, 'Reagan Ruckus explained by Berkleyans' by David Lee. Lots of background stuff to get a feel for the times.: advice for the ladies : "what to wear when you expect to get arrested".

There are maybe a hundred or more different publications, some only one issue, some with longer runs, some interesting copies of CIA disinfo. pamphlets.

Anyway,school holidays are here and my kids are gonna get my full attention for 3 weeks, in the mean time if any one has any requests / suggestions of articles / publications they know of, please note them here and when I get back I'll follow it up. The collection is not indexed so its really a matter of painstakingly going through the lot. I looked through much of it back in the late 70's and only recently remembered it.

addendum this is an interesting site http://www.dealeyplazauk.co.uk/Network%20Anomolies.htm

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Berkley Barb

Friday September 10 1965, Berkley California

Reagan Ruckus Explained by Berkleyans

David Lee

'the Ronald Reagan ruckus begun last week in San Francisco, flowed over rapidly into Berkley where some of the key figures do businass.

BARB was confronted with a plethora of statements by some officials of of the Birch Society and others of the California Republican Assembly.


( recounted by Stevenson and Lavis)


Rousselot had supposedly said the Birch Society would either attack or support Reagan -- whichever would help him the most. Lavis said " the Birch Society is an educational and not a political organisation"


educational? political?

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