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Well, well well, this should prove most juicy, If you go to Zf318ls you will find an accusation of plagiarism. This sort of thing is considered most serious. It utterly casts all output of the person being accused into doubt. This is no playground Boys and Girls. I'll hope that this post will provide an ongoing place for commentary and in the end , if there is one a history of what may or may not happen in such a process.


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while I'm at it I thought that in order to avoid this sort of nonsense in the future I will list other things I'm working on : Apart from generating a comprehensive list of bigots in various organisations, putting together an acronym dictionary, seeing if the blurs in a photo can be used to determine speeds of objects, generating a range of panoramas from various films to use for referencing, I am also producing a number of 3d models to use in applying xrays and photos to as texture, a statistical analysis of names and context, both in the research community and those apparently involved in nov22 events, I am also looking at the cultural/historical backgrounds of the various factions in the south at that time, this takes me back to civil war events and earlier, even as far as scottland in the 17th century, france, portugal, as well as immigration patterns in early america, genealogy, and the historical relationships of major religions, however as an 'artist'

my main interests lie in imagery, and with the current crop of software available\ married with increased processing speed I think the analysis of the zapruder film in particular is far from over. There are other things as well. I'll add them over time.

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