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Guest John Gillespie

Hello To My Fellow Truth Seekers:

I am a former Special Agent in Military Intelligence, for a time the youngest throughout all of MI. Following that enlightening and rather thrilling era I worked as a broadcast journalist at two radio stations in New York after graduation from the now defunct - and lamented -Leland Powers School of Radio, TV & Theatre (which I attended on the GI Bill, of course).

Most of my life since then has been spent as an Investigator here in my beloved Boston from where I occasionally have taken leave for periods of various lengths only to return upon, once again, realizing there is no greener grass. I worked for three private agencies for an average of five years each. I have had many fascinating cases over the years. From time to time I still am called upon to assist in the occasional thorny investigation and, somewhow, have achieved Emeritus status at one of my former agencies. Presently, I am a Veterans Representative for the Commonwealth of MA - a good job with good wages, as our former MA Chief Executive M. Stanley Dukakis was fond of saying.

My interest in this site lies in respect for those members whose names are known to me and appreciation of the mature approach on the part of the membership as a whole. In addditon, I have a long standing interest in the JFK assassination as well as in all things Watergate. Besides, where else do you find zealots who have read the ENTIRE Weberman site, as I have!?

Finally, I have some facts to share as well as opinions of substance. I pledge that opinions and facts easily will be discernible.

"Flectere si nequero superos, acherona movebo."

(If I cannot bend the higher powers, I shall stir up Hell)

"The Aenid" - Virgil

Edited by John Gillespie
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