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Biography: Bob Clemens

Guest Bob Clemens

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Guest Bob Clemens

My name is Bob Clemens and I originally was born and raised in the States and decided to move and take up residency in the country of Holland. My main reasons for that was marriage, but also the violence and just a more simpler and quiet lifestyle. I worked for approx. 25 years as a drug & alcohol counselor. I am currently semi-retired and work around 20 hours a week now in a local concern dealing with computers.

I am a member of at least 2 other Forums on the assassination and my reason for my interest is that I never was able to believe that LHO was guilty or that the Warren Commission was telling us the truth. Currently, I am involved in trying to introduce people to the real facts of the case by providing materials, free of charge, so that they might better understand what really happened that day and why we live in such turmoil today.

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